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Welcome to the home page of PACKAGE TOUR INDIA; arguably the best travel site of South-India, for a number of reasons which you will begin to grasp, as we travel through this deceptively simple, yet fantastic web site.

TRIBAL DANCE IN A MODERN CITYBasically, the purpose of Package-Tour-India is to provide the potential traveler to this part of the globe, with everything he/she needs, or they may need, for a totally satisfying stay in South India.


From your time and place of arrival, right up to your departure; leave us to take care of your every need. Your only responsibility is to enjoy yourself, because after all, that is exactly what you are here to do! Gone are the days, when a traveler to this part of India, had to worry about everything like communication, transport, boarding and lodging, sightseeing, getting one's travel documentation in order, etc.etc., without getting ripped off in the bargain. Today, almost all of these procedures have been simplified and streamlined; making your holiday literally a 'walk in the park'. But glitches still remain, and the most important among them being- the lack of a human touch to the whole experience. And when it is advertised, (as is being done by almost every travel agent, hotel and tour-operator these days), the pretence is so obvious, and transparent, that it becomes an embarrassment both to the 'Host', as well as to the 'Guest'. Stay with us and we promise, you will take back with yourselves, a 'once-in-a-lifetime' experience, never be forgotten.

This web site will be updated on a regular basis. Rest assured you will find something new with every visit.

All possible steps have been taken to validate this meta-analysis, for recency, relevancy, accuracy, clarity and source- reliability. For statistical validity, wherever possible, the sourcing authority has been mentioned .

Another word, before you dive headlong into this may seem a bit of an odd man out, when compared to the plethora of travel sites out here on the World Wide Web,....but then; this is exactly what we want; and hopefully what you would like to experience.....something new, something fresh, something really radical...and honestly simple. Plain vanilla! here we go.

READ ME : Due to various unavoidable reasons, we will be concentrating on, and implementing only the Tour Guide , Home Stay and Adventure categories. But, progress in bringing ALL of the other Tour Packages 'on-steam', are going ahead as per schedule.