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Hello there. well, what can we say? Except, that a few years ago, a small group of very strongly motivated, highly skilled and extremely creative individuals, put their brains, talents and various resources together with a concept, which you now have at your fingertips, in the form of a virtual, travel-encyclopedia in 2D, of the South Indian Region.

We have limited ourselves to the region of South India due to a number of reasons. A few of the very important ones are listed below:

All of the staff, and company operatives are from this region.
Some of the best contemporary medical health care in the world is to be found here :- both modern medicine, as well as ayurvedic (a universally accepted type of ancient, and traditional rejuvenation methods; exclusive to India).
The surrounding verdant locales, polite people, relatively laid-back lifestyle, and the pervasive calmness of a tradionally rich South India is what is exactly needed for any sick individual to totally recuperate.
Many of the leading Business Houses, in India and from other parts of the globe, are either headquartered here, or have their subsidiaries, branches or works, over here.
South India is literally peppered with very highly reputed, and World renowned educational institutions.
On the Geographical and Historical front, South India stands second to none; as can be ascertained from verifiable facts, to be found, right from the prestigious Encyclopedia Britannica, right up to the Discovery Channel on your cable television.
If adventure is what you crave for; the states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka have it all. Mountains, forests, wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, beautiful beaches, eco-lodges, Safaris, camping, fishing, golfing, trekking whatever. You name it. South India has it.

We hope you appreciate the magnificent effort that has gone into the making of this web site. And more to the point..we hope it satisfies your long standing need for such a service.


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