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'Incredible India' - tell me, who can define this enigma that we call INDIA? Or, to be more enigmatic; HOW do you describe this Country, her people and their ways?

Taj Mahal-Delhi, IndiaThe Himalayas- worlds tallest mountain range

One thing is absolutely certain, and has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt - SHE WAS ONCE part of the great AFRICAN landmass. What she gained, or what she lost along the way, on her journey over the millennia is anybody's guess. But what we see and experience in our lifetime, as residents of this great country defies all sense of logic. There are no words or terms to describe her. But one can try.. and keep on trying. And who knows, someone, someday, somewhere may, just MAY define this mysterious land..we call INDIA.

How to reach here:

Now that's a joke! A decade or so ago, this paragraph would have been valid, but not in today's world. People everywhere not only know where India is, but how to get there as well.

For you internal travel plans, please visit the website of the bigest Railway Network on the planet!

When to visit:

Oh, that's another good one. In times gone by, (read - 'colonial rule') you would have to go through a whole shelf full of books, about 'when to visit'. But we give it to you straight:- in a single one-liner; 'come whenever you want'. There are no more 'particular times of the year'. Come when you are happy; come when you are sad; when you are feeling good; or feeling bad; when you need some 'understanding' company; whether or not you have other words just get yourself over here.

What you need:

Well, we can wax philosophical here and say, "just your body, mind and soul". Because that's all you need in India. But then again we shouldn't forget that many of you have so many different needs. So, on the materialistic front, you can bring whatever you fancy. Which brings us full circle...what do you need? You need an Attitude Makeover; that's exactly what you need. For so many years the whole world looked at this country with a very jaundiced view. All the crazy notions that the world citizens had of India were utterly false, and promulgated by a few individuals with vested interests. It is only now that this whole planet has woken up to the fact that Indians DO NOT travel around half naked in bullock carts.....Indians DO NOT live perpetualy in filth and squalour....and etc,etc....

To set the record straight, Indians.... travel on elephants, when we have done travelling around in a Rolls ;) (one for each day of the year!!!!...Remember OSHO?).....Indians are one of the most healthy and hygenic people on this planet.....and etc,etc.....

Why don't you visit and find out if all this is true. But first like we said, Change Your Mindset!

What you will find:

You will find Peace of mind; a new zest for Life; a beautiful land; loving.....caring.....kind-hearted.....helpful....understanding people; fantastic wildernesses; eye catching panoramic vistas; mountains; deserts; valleys; snow-capped mountains; breathtaking beaches; amazing flora and fauna; meandering waterways; wonderful variety of climates and cuisines; cultures within cultures within cultures....oh! there's no use. This list goes a mile!

Why not check this out , while you are about getting more info on India?

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