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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. The purpose of this web site page is to provide you with up to date information and resources, about the rapidly growing industry, known as "medical tourism", so that you may make educated and well informed decisions regarding your travel, accommodations, and medical, and/or surgical care.

Are you planning a medical vacation for yourself or for your family?

Have you considered having any particular surgical procedure performed but have been put off by the high costs?

Do you, or someone you know, need or desire a dental, Laparoscopic, or any other medical/surgical procedure that is very expensive in your home country?

Do you, or someone known to you, urgently need a medically indicated procedure or surgery, but simply cannot afford it in your country of residence?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then we encourage you to please take the time to go through this page and see how you may be able to benefit from INDIA's advancement of healthcare, and the globalization of the marketplace. It is our sincere hope that the information provided here will assist you in making a confident decision regarding your health and well being.


Medical Tourism in India
For many, India isn't the first place that comes to mind when it comes time to have medical procedure done. Overcrowding and worries about sanitation can be a deterrent to getting treatment in India. Yet, in reality, this is a misconception about the level of care available in Indian hospitals.

The medical infrastructure and technology of India's hospitals is actually on par with that of Europe and the United States. India enjoys some of the best hospitals and treatment centers in the world, not to mention being a key player in biomedical research. The government has encouraged these developments, hoping to turn India into a global health destination, and India's education system turns out tens of thousands of highly qualified doctors and nurses each year.

Many hospitals in India are corporately owned (therefore not subject to the overcrowding that plagues many of the public hospitals) and perform complicated heart surgeries, cosmetic treatments, dental care and even preventative health screenings. The Escorts Heart Institute performs over 15,000 operations each year while maintaining a mortality rate that is actually less than half of that in many U.S. and European hospitals. Many hospitals can't be differentiated from those back home once inside.

Despite this level of quality, prices for treatment in India are some of the lowest in any of the countries popular with medical tourists. Many procedures can be done in India for a tenth of the cost of those done in the U.S, and most can be arranged to be done within less than a week, avoiding long waits for necessary surgeries.

Aside from medical treatment, India is also a popular tourist destination. India is a large country with a fascinating history and wealth of cultural diversity. Visitors can also relax with yoga and Ayurvedic massage to help speed their recovery. India is also home to the famous Taj Mahal as well as miles of beaches with aquamarine water and beautiful mountain retreats. Many package deals are available for those wishing to relieve themselves of the hassle of arranging their own accommodations and activities in a foreign land.


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