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Package-Tour-India is really proud to provide you these services. Not only are they extensively researched, but put together by a very energetic group of entrepreneurs, with an equally far sighted approach to the needs of the traveler of the future.


The very word 'Adventure' conjures up a sense of excitement. And when it includes other such words and phrases like, 'camping', 'fishing', 'trekking', 'mountaineering', 'bird-watching', 'hang-gliding'*, 'elephant rides', 'boating', 'biking', 'wildlife**'; the pulse increases. Now couple this with the idea that all of this takes place in the deep part of an exotic and ancient land; on a 3.6 million year old mountain range' famously known as the 'NILGIRIS' are more likely than ever to feel a storm in your bloodstream...if you happen to have an adventurous streak, that is...details

* operations suspended pending Govt. re-considerations

** Seasonal, depending on water in the parks-monsoons


Calling all businessmen and women.....relax! you finally have somebody to take care of all your needs while on your trip to South India - the number one destination for a various industries, such as Garments, Hosieries, Printing, traditional spinning and weaving, handicrafts, pottery Foundries etc.
Though many of you may be unaware of it, some of the top business names in India, and the world, have their origins in this part of India. Big names include MRF ( Madras Rubber Factory )... details


Details are being processed and will be up in a few days.


This category encompasses a lot of sub categories. To give you a clear picture of what exactly we can do for you, we need you to go through this section in more detail than you would go through the other sections. Well for starters, broadly speaking, education tours comprise of a group of individuals visiting a particular region/academic institution for their own reasons, which may be anything from attending seminars to conducting research. But, we at have visualised a different kind of education tour. This region has a number of premium/prestigious education institutions strewn all over, especially in the Coimbatore-Nilgiri region of the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. These very same schools/ colleges/ institutes cater to a growing number of foreign students. We can help your child/children with most aspects of getting an appointment, stay and travel etc., in case they are keen to join in any of these education/higher education facilities in and around this region... details


Question : which is the No. 1 destination in the world for the best holistic medical care? You are absolutely right..INDIA, and South India in particular.... details


This is our basic, no-frills service. Even though it is a simple and straightforward service, the catchword here is 'Reliability'... details


The notion of staying at the home of a local resident, of the area that you visit is nothing new, and has been around from time memorial. But over time this ancient tradition has sort of lost out to other modern forms of tourist stay; for example, hotels, resorts, guesthouses, etc. Though staying at these places have their plus points, Home stay too has it's own. It has a sort of quaint ring to it. Not to mention the combining of a kind of warm, homely feeling, that spending your holiday in a strange place with a friendly family can bring...details