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adventure tourism : adventures by category, type, place, date,etc

business tourism : specialized for corporates

cultural tourism : the people and their traditions

educational tourism :research/development, primary/further studies

medical tourism : partial or total, medical tour packages

home stay india : see what the country is really like

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biking : as the saying goes; it's better to ride "through " the scenery, than "over" it !!

birding : those featured friends

boating : on the water

camping : tents, etiquette, rules, locations, etc

elephant rides : this one is on the pachyderm!!

fishing : a most pleasant experience

golfing : TEE off with a hot cup of Niligiri TEA

mountaineering : a tough sport

rock climbing :

trekking : pleasure of living and enjoying nature


india : It's all happening here

nilgiris : the 'Britts' made this their home away from home

coimbatore : the economic "shooting star" of south - india

tamilnadu : why don't you just visit this page?

kerala : beautiful, tranquil and wonderful nature

karnataka : historically, there's nothing to beat it, except the BPO's

andhra pradesh : a conundrum if there ever was one


climate/clothing : essential alternate info

carryables : what you may, and may not carry into the country

terms/conditions we can't live with it, we can't live without it !!

tariff : this is not the center of this web site ?!

payment options : trying to make it easier for you

refund policy : everyone and everything should have one

credits : where we thank, appreciate and acknowledge all those who have contributed

trivia : nothing much !! Just interesting bits and pieces !!

testimonials : read all about the bad, the good and the better experiences that they have to say about us