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If only you knew everything about every place on this planet. "Impossible!", you say; we second that, and that's why we send along one who is thorough with the tiny part of the world, that you are about to traverse. "So what's special about this, there's a whole tribe of guides available", you say; we second that too! But what about a guide who will bring you back at the end of the and sound, and, a 100% satisfied, who caters to your every need, etc.etc..

Guide's Qualifications:

Our guides are fully qualified in every conceivable aspect. They are trained by St.John's Ambulance in dispensing vital First Aid; they know the Geographical layout of the area like the back of their hand!!; there are no local dialects or customs that they are unaware off; their knowledge of local beaurocratic procedures is total; their politeness and manners are perfect and exemplary; their communication skills are not lacking in any way, AND their commitment to you is completely complete!!!

How the Tour Guide Program Works:

For you to avail the tour guide service, you would need to have your own mode of transport, , your own pre-arranged place of stay, and carry your your own food and water. (even though all the above can be arranged if required, at additional cost)

Our guide will meet you at a place and time of your convenience, and show you around for the duration stipulated by you..IN ADVANCE.

The charges for this service is US $ 55 / day, i.e. for a 24 Hr period ending.

You are NOT permitted to pay or tip the guide in whatsoever a manner. All charges will be collected from you, at the time you confirm your booking with us for such a service.

Present geological area where this service is available:

The complete Nilgiris district of Tamil nadu comprising the Nilgiris Biosphere and all the local areas within this Geo-political boundary.

The industrial city of Coimbatore and it's surroundings.

The nearby Town of Palghat (Kerela State) and it's surroundings

The Valparai, Kodikanal, and Topslip Wildlife Sanctuaries....and their surrounding mountain ranges.

Periyar, Iduki and Thekadi regions in Kerela.

The complete Mysore and Srirangapatna locales and wildlife Sanctuaries.

Bangalore City and it's surroundings.

Mangalore, Udippi and Dharmasthala (in Karnataka).

Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut asnd the North Malabar Coast.

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