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A few assorted LINKS you might find interesting :

For your well being !!

for your computer's security :

AVG Anti Virus Pro 7.1 - paid version : the absolutely perfect anti virus program for your machine, especially for an ardent internet bloatware......regular updates...and ease of use even for a computer layman.....keeps your system squeaky clean at an affordable price. Could go on and on, but why not see for yourself by visiting them at :

Spybot Search and Destroy : a fantastic little program that takes care of all those snoopers out there on the internet, who want to grab your precious computer. Easy usage pattern, and wonderful interface......regular updates.....AND, most really does do it's job!! Both a free as well as paid versions are available; although if you sign up for the free version, you could certainly consider sending these guys a little something in the form of a 'donation',.....fabulous!! Download at :

NOTE : the combination of the above 2 programs with Windows's own security, (firewall and security updates) will positively keep your computer in the very best of health, at all times.

Polish up your typing skills, or learn from the very an easy and fun way!! Another free program, although the author could definitely use a little 'something', if you get my drift?!! :

A little USEFULL desktop enhancement, shall we? How does the idea about a clock, or rather clocks of your choice; of any part of the world, sitting pretty on your desktop strike you? Now combine that, with an easy to use RSS feed, from any major news distributor of your choice......what? you can' wait? Oh, OK it is then. But my personal opinion over here is that the free version will do quite fine, thank you!! Get it at :

A very informative blog in the native language of south- india


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